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Fly Angel Fly

This is dedicated to my beautiful cousin Lamika Hall who was recently taken away from us suddenly.  I know she has went home to be with the Lord. You were taken away from us too soon It’s hard for us to understand We pray for understanding but it just doesn’t seem to come easily We […]

Who are you

I don’t really know you But some how thoughts of you invade my mind I try to push them away But I can’t help thinking of your smile You seem so laid back and kind But I must be cautious and give it time I keep asking myself who is this person I’ve let into […]


In our minds we create this perfect thing A blue sky no clouds in sight No rain in the forecast An ice cream sundae or a banana split A bowl of the sweetest fruit you ever seen Love can be all those things Butterflies in your stomach Your heart skipping a beat It’s like you […]


It takes courage to save a life Courage to build a family Courage to fall in love, know you could get hurt Knowing your heart could be broken It takes courage to face the pain, through every storm and rain Courage helps you to sustain Where does this courage come from Could it be a […]

Lazy Days

Have you ever had a day that you didn’t want to do anything productive?  Well today is that day for me but I can’t sit around because I have a home based business on the rise and I also have company coming over for dinner.  I’m a pretty good cook but when I have to […]

The Food Network

One night I couldn’t sleep so I was lying on the sofa flipping through infomercials.  I didn’t have any money to spend so I decided that ordering something from the home shopping network wouldn’t be such a good idea.  Now many people I know hate Comcast cable, but to me they are wonderful late nights […]


The one thing that happens to me that I get so aggravated with is when I go to bed early and then I wake up in the middle of the night and stay up for 2 hours.  Last night I went to bed at 9:30am and woke around 1am because I had to use the […]