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Today was a very good day.  I don’t usually say that about a Monday but I woke up this morning (early), fixed some breakfast, curled my hair and put on a cute little sundress.  Now what I mean by early is 6:45am, usually I roll out of bed at 7:00am, shower, throw on some scrubs and race out the door at 7:30am.  When I got to work this morning everyone was whistling at me and telling me how “hot” I looked in my dress and that made me feel even better.  Everyone at work was in a great mood, so that made the day even better.  I better stop before I jinx the rest of the work week!  The work day went off without a hitch and then I headed home cook spaghetti and now I’m sitting here in my new leather massage computer chair ($56 at wal-mart.com) that Cliff put together for me.  Now I’m about to go and chill on the sofa until bedtime but before I go I want to share a few words of my poetry with you.

My Safe Place

My words are my safe place, a journal in my mind.  They wrap me in a cocoon somewhere in between space and time.  Whenever I’m feeling weak,  I know where I can go my words have the power to take me to places unknown.


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