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Lazy Days

Have you ever had a day that you didn’t want to do anything productive?  Well today is that day for me but I can’t sit around because I have a home based business on the rise and I also have company coming over for dinner.  I’m a pretty good cook but when I have to cook for new people I get kind of nervous because I don’t know if they will like what I serve.  I guess it is a double edge sword because if they like what I cook they may want to come over all the time.  I have personal space issues!  I just want to sit around today in my pajamas and watch TV with my roast, cabbage, mac n cheese and corn bread.  Now that I see all of that I need a tall glass of ice tea, that will really set everything off.  I have been fighting this headache since Thursday and I’m not sure where it’s coming from, I just want it to go away.  I also have this James Patterson book that I want to finish reading.  Since I can’t be lazy today I guess I will get up and push forward.  Soon company will be here and in a blink of and eye it will be Monday morning!  Gotta Go!



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