Who are you

I don’t really know you

But some how thoughts of you invade my mind

I try to push them away

But I can’t help thinking of your smile

You seem so laid back and kind

But I must be cautious and give it time

I keep asking myself who is this person I’ve let into my life

Are you someone I can trust

Tell my inner most secrets and fears

Should I hold back and push you away

It’s been so easy in the past to run away from things I’m uncertain about

I’m tired of running my soul is weak from it

Who are you


2 comments on “Who are you

  1. after all of these years I see you have finally settled down Ms Kookie, I’m very happy for you. 2 years huh? I still remember our convos years ago. what busy are you into?

  2. Girl, you are doing your thing with this poetry. It is like reading spoken word.

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