When we are little girls we read about all of the different fairytales and the princess always gets her prince at the end.  Cinderella, Belle, Snow White and many others were facing adversity and they were swept off their feet by a prince and lived happily ever after.  We see these fairtales and we image ourselves in those beautiful gowns at the end where the happy ending takes place.  As little girls our parents can buy us everything to make the fairtales come alive in our rooms and we play with the toys and imagine our prince coming to rescue us from our evil step sisters or give us a kiss to wake us up from the poison in the apple.  When we get older we realize that happy ever after is not always that easy.  Some people go a lifetime and never find love.  They never know how it feels to open their hearts to another person.  Some people are afraid to open their hearts because they have been burned so many times.  But for those who love like they have never been hurt how do they keep going?  How do you say I’m going to give love another chance when love seems to always tear apart your heart?  When you find love how do you keep it and make it last a lifetime?  Is there  such a thing as a soul mate?  If so how do you know?  When you want to give up how do you hold on?  How do you pick up the pieces to a puzzle that is broken?


2 comments on “Fairytales

  1. If you hAVE BEEN HURT…IT WILL TAKE TIME, BUT ONE WILL INDEED LOVE AGAIN! You will know when it’s love because your heart, mind, body, and soul will be in it! I don’t think that there is a such thing as a soul mate, however I do believe that there is a such thing as the, “right one”. When you want to give up, you listen to your heart and if tells you to hold on…you hold on. When you find love you keep it by simply loving.

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