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Sometimes I love you, sometimes I don’t
Sometimes my heart aches for you
Sometimes I can’t stand you
Sometimes you can be so distant, so cold
Sometimes I want to slap, punch and kick you
Sometimes I just want to hold you
All of these emotions how can one maintain
Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I feel pain

It is terrible sometimes when you have to go through your day and you want to cry but you do not want everyone asking you what is going on. You know that people mean well but an opinion is not what you are asking for or what you need. Sometimes you just want to cry. We are only human so we will make mistakes and have regrets. Having a quiet place to go and talk to God or just cry is ok; he hears you and he will heal your heart. It is amazing what the grace of God can bring you through. There have been times where I didn’t know if I was ever going to get over heartbreak, pay a bill or other things that we worry about that we shouldn’t. All I had to do was call on Jesus and it seems like immediately a weight was lifted off of my shoulders and whatever was bothering me disappeared. So…

When you are feeling down as you sometimes will
Look up to the sky and cast your cares onto him


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