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How do you know when it’s over?
Is it when the kisses stop?
Or is it when the communication ends?
How do you know when to give up?
When the other person doesn’t touch you or kiss you?
When you try to embrace them and they are looking away?
How about when the affection stops completely?
Why won’t the other person just tell you it’s over?
Why let it continue to linger?
Is the hurt any less when you say it’s not you it’s me?
How do you say it’s over?
How do you say I can’t do this anymore?
Why is it when it rains it pours?
When you love someone so much how do you let go?
What signals is the other person displaying?
When you say “I love you with all my heart” or “I miss you” and they don’t respond
How do you react to that?
Is that your clue to give up and let it go?
When you go your separate ways, how do you stay away?
How do you know you are strong enough to survive?
When you survive the hurt, why do you go back?
Do we like torture? Do we like pain?
Is love only an illusion? Is heart break real pain?
When the tears stop flowing, do you remember why you were crying?
How many times will another person hurt you before they apologize?
Will they ever leave or ask for forgiveness?
So many questions, no one knows the answer?
Only you know when your heart can’t take anymore
When you know its real love how do you give up?
Maybe you are just fooling yourself into thinking its love
This could be God’s way of showing you what love isn’t
So when he brings real love into your life you won’t miss it
How do you know when to say it’s over?
How do you pick up the pieces afterwards?
How do you forgive?
Is it ok to be friends, or is that possible?
If you decide to work it out how do you leave the past behind?
When the other person acts as if they don’t even want to be around you what do you do?
Relationships are not easy but strong people stay and fight
Cowards run away to face their problems alone
They are selfish and don’t care who they hurt
They make all kinds of excuses “you deserve better” “I’m holding you back” and
My favorite of all “you are a wonderful person”
Then why treat a wonderful person disrespectfully
How does that work? It is so hard to understand
Why do people want to make you hate them?
What’s the point in that?
Just part ways in a civil manner?
Take everything as a learning experience
Stop hurting the person you supposedly love
Be a man stay and fight for your love or leave


One comment on “How

  1. People know when time has come to an end. We don’t always exhibit the strength that it takes to lay down the white flag; in fear that it will make us look weak, or that those vulnerabilities that we want to remain hidden will become too surreal. One thing that I have learned in my walk of “growing” as a woman is that it exhibits strength when we are able to walk away from circumstance, instances, people, relationships, or anything that is not good, or healthy for you; mentally, physically, emotionally, or otherwise. You can walk away without being hurtful. Just be straightforward in LOVE. After all this should be easy to do if you love someone like you say you do, because isn’t their happiness more important than yours if you see that they are hurting, and you are partially to blame? (That’s another blog topic…why do people use the word love, when they don’t know what it really means)

    SO I say you’ll know when it’s time; just when it’s being revealed to you, start then preparing.

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