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The heart and the mind

The heart doesn’t always do what the mind tells it to. I asked the question today why and the answer I received was the mind uses logic and the heart simply speaks love. Sometimes it is not always good to follow your heart especially in relationships. When you have been let down by a person so many times how do you open your heart and forgive? It is not easy to walk away from something you want so badly. Its funny how we think that when we find that ONE there should be no more hard times, smooth sailing. We think that we will get together and live happily ever after. Well I’m here to tell you that the road gets rough and the going gets tough! This thing call love is so confusing. On the one hand you think well I’ve been through a lot and God is showing me what bad love looks like so when I find good love I will hold on to it. On the other hand you say everyone makes mistakes and you have to learn how to forgive. Where is that happy medium? Is there a happy medium? Some times it’s hard to take the good with the bad. When a person has hurt you and they vow to change, do whatever it takes to win your heart again who’s to say that person is not being genuine? Do you walk away because you are afraid of what people are going to think or say about you? Do you take the chance and get back with that person knowing that you could be in the same boat six months from now hurt and confused. There are several answers I would get from these questions. Follow your heart…..Pray about it. I always pray first but does my wants over shadow my needs so much that I can’t see what God is trying to tell me? Who decides? There were so many times I questioned why other people would go back to someone that hurt them so badly, but it’s different when you are that person. When you are that person you realize that it’s your decision and your life. We all make mistakes and if we hurt someone in the process we have to apologize and hope for their forgiveness. Forgiveness is key.


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