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It has been a heck of a year and now it’s coming to an end in 2 days. By the grace of God I made it through. I never really thought about seeing 2010 but it is almost here. I’m January of this year I felt feelings of happiness and it lasted for a while. Then during the summer it took a slight turn but then everything kind of leveled out for me again. Now going into 2010 I’m claiming in the name of Jesus for an even better year than this past year. I learned a lot about myself and I’m proud of myself. Why you ask? Because I had the courage to go against the odds, instead of listening to everyone else I did what I wanted to do for me and it felt great. I wrote a book and went back to school for my second master’s degree. I feel like all of the things I have been through this year are preparing me for this upcoming year and I am ready! Bring it on world! I made a vow to be better and believe it or not I’m almost halfway through the list I made and it feels good. Sometimes you have to realize that your life is your life and you have to live it no matter the consequences. I’m not letting anything or anyone hold me back so if you are in my path get out of my way! I hear the Shakira song anything in the world and I just want to get up and sing and dance because the lyrics are so true. “Anything you want in the world you can make it yours.” The next thing I have to do is get my family and friends on board. I said to my mom on Christmas that last year this time you were at my house with a broken foot and look at you now! God is good! I know that it was only by the grace of God I made it this far and my faith in God keeps me fighting to push on.


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