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My thoughts

Sometimes my thoughts take me to a place I do not like to go. That place is dark and cold. There are no familiar faces, no smiles, no hugs and no one to tell you they love you. I try not to think so much and keep myself occupied because I heard that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Let me tell you the devil is always working. I start to feel depressed and like I am a failure but who defines success? Who defines happiness? When can a person say they are truly happy and they wouldn’t change a thing? Well there are some things that I would change in a heart beat, but those are some of the bad decisions I have made over the years. Then again trials come to make you strong. When I start to feel overwhelmed and my thoughts are getting the best of me I try to find a quiet place to pray. God knows my heart and he knows my trials. I trust that he will lead me in the right directions.


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