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Where my Kings at?

What is a King? Webster’s definition of a king is a male monarch of a major territorial unit. When some people are in a relationship they often describe their mate as their King or Queen. I guess the definition varies depending on what each person wants from the relationship. Everyone has expectations when they enter into a relationship with another person. Over time the expectations may change or people lower their expectations and they sacrifice so much that they forget what they wanted their King or Queen to be to them. People change, priorities switch depending on the situation and sometimes more often than not there will be disappointments. But back to my original question…What is a King? This is just my interpretation and you do not have to agree with me but I believe that a King is the head of the household. He puts God first and then family. He does whatever it takes to make sure home is taken care of, that is his priority over anything else. A King makes sure his mate feels safe. She is his Queen and no other man will be able to penetrate the solid foundation that he has built. His children have respect for him because he teaches them the way of God and how important family is. A King knows the value of hard work and knows that his sacrifices for his family will be worth it in the end. You read stories or watch movies and you see these strong male figures but most of the time you do not see that in real life. What happened to our Kings? Nowadays it seems like our males are more concerned about money, cars, whores, jewelry and clothes. Children are being brought into this world out of wedlock and there are more and more single parent homes. When is it going to stop? When are we going to be back that stable family unit? I think the first step is getting back to God, people have forgotten what God sacrificed for us. Easter was last weekend and its funny how people think that Easter is about Easter egg hunts, a new outfit and firing up the grill. Resurrection Sunday is about the day Jesus rose from the grave and some of us forgot to stop and say Thank You God for sacrificing your only begotten son Jesus. It’s time for us to give God the glory and put him first in our lives and then and only then will our Kings start being Kings again. Men please teacher your sons what it means to be a man and a provider. Teacher them that he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. (Proverbs 18:22) Teach him what it means to be a protector. Teach them that getting an education is essential. Teach them how to save and invest for their future. Teach your daughters not to settle for less and demand their respect in every aspect of their lives including their relationships. Teach them that if a man doesn’t treat them like the Queens they are then they need to move on because they are Queens and they deserve to be treated as such. Teach your children how to build a foundation and no matter what do not depend on anyone else to validate them or their happiness. They should be taught at home family values and how to be their own person. This is something I feel very strongly about and I will probably talk more about this in future blog post but right now I just want people to get the gist of what I mean. Queens don’t think you have gotten off easy you are next!


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