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Thinking of a master plan this ain’t nothing but sweat inside my hand… I love old school rap, some of the stuff that they play on the radio today is not real rap but if you play me some Erik B and Rakiem I’m good! I guess that song suits what I’m trying to do right now my life. I am literally thinking of a master plan, thinking of the plan is going to put me ahead if the game to have a stable future. I have already written my first book and I have gotten major comments on the book, everyone that has read my book tells me how good the book was and how they felt like they wanted more. I’m working on my second book. It’s about a serial killer in Atlanta and I don’t want to give away too details but I’m thinking this going to be my best one, hopefully you can turn into a series. Right now I’m looking for mentor, someone who can guide me through this writing process. I want to have my book published through a successful company that will do my marketing advertising for me. I have thought about starting my own publishing company, but to start out I want to go through and already established company. Once I have high book sales, I want to start my own company. That is the reason I am trying so hard to find a work from home position, one that pays benefits so I will have more time to work on my writing. I love teaching but I also want the freedom to be able to travel and promote my book freely. With a set 9 to 5 schedule is hard to plan around the work week. I will not get discouraged, I know with prayer and a little faith all of my dreams will come true.


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