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New Schedule

Well I start my new schedule tomorrow. I’m not very excited about it, but I will make the best of a bad situation. At first I was very upset having to work a split schedule, but then I had to realize that at least I still have a job. I have to eventually write myself a to do list, otherwise I will waste a lot of time. I have four and a half hours during the day before I have to return to work, therefore I must put myself on a schedule. It would be nice if I could get this dragon software to work on my laptop that way I can sit in my car on some days and dictate for my book. One of the benefits of working this schedule is the fact that I get to learn new computer programs, such as QuickBooks. When applying for jobs I see that many of qualifications include QuickBooks, so this will only help me in the long run. I am also learning how to use Outlook which will benefit me also because I’m learning all of the new features that I have not used in the past. I now have the Dragon software on my iPod and my home computer, the only catch is when I use my iPod there has to be a WiFi connection. I will keep everyone posted on my progress and how my days go with all of this free time. Goodnight!


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