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I am not perfect…….I always wonder what if. I know that is basically a waste of time because we need to live for today and have no regrets about the past. I think back to when I made the decision to go to Augusta College. Did I really want to go to that school or was I just being a follower? Well I guess I have the answer to that question because I flunked out after my first year. I wonder what would have happened if I went off to college. Oh well that is ancient history! I remember when I use to want to be like MC Lyte. I moved to Atlanta for my 8th grade year and when I came back to Washington for my 9th grade year, I can remember one of my classmates asking me if I still rapped. Now don’t get me wrong, I never believed I would actually become a rapper, it was just a childhood fantasy.
Now that I am an adult, my mind goes a mile a minute and it never stops! Some of my thoughts lately have been about children. Some of the questions I ask myself are…..what if I wait too long and can’t have children? What if I would have had a child when I was younger? What if I become pregnant and something happens? What if I have a child and I’m not a good mother? What if I can’t protect my child? I know these are a lot of questions and there is no way to answer some of them, it is just something I think about. Now I don’t want anyone to think that I am about to have a child because I am not, at least I don’t plan to…..


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