Commissioned moments

Usually when I think about “commissioned” moments, I don’t realize its God. I usually realize after the fact that God put this person in my path so I could share my experiences with them. It’s more comfortable to talk to people I know about how God delivered me but when it comes to talking to a stranger, I get very nervous. I know that I have had the experiences that I have had for a reason and I know that my past and current situations can help lift someone else up. I have a friend that is struggling with a very important decision. God gave me a chance to share my experience with her with letting go and trusting God to work in my life. Sometimes we are in these situations and we hope that it is from God but many times it’s our flesh that is leading us and we need to take a step back and wait to hear from God. Once we hear from him, we cannot ignore his instructions because it is not what we want. He knows exactly what we need and he will supply all of those needs. My prayer today is that I become more comfortable in those “commissioned” moments from God.


2 comments on “Commissioned moments

  1. just found your link from SRT! yes, speaking to strangers can be super nerve-wracking. but i hope i can trust God’s leading if i feel i should say something and just encourage whoever God puts in my path.

    • Thanks! It’s good to know I’m not the only one feeling that way. God does give me the words and I’m so grateful for that.

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