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Vogue 9075+ Pattern Review

Hello All! It’s Friday!!! I’m always excited about Fridays because I’m off work and it’s time for my weekly visit to Fine Fabrics!!!! Now about this dress! I love everything about this dress, especially the fabric. Of course, I found the fabric at Fine Fabrics and I absolutely fell in love when I saw it. […]

Memorial Day Weekend Shopping Shenanigans

Hello All! Well before I start, I want to say that this is not a review on the Janome New Home 134. I’m just sharing my Memorial Day weekend shenanigans. I recently purchased the Janome New Home 134 sewing machine. When I decided I wanted to purchase another sewing machine, I knew I wanted a […]

Vogue 1312 + Pattern Review

Hello All! I can’t say enough about this dress. It is cute, comfy, and easy to sew. I fell in love with Vogue 1312 as soon as I saw it. Sometimes I shy away from Vogue patterns because more often than not, they call for a lining and I have a love/hate relationship with lining. […]

Experimenting with Dresses!

Happy Friday! Ok so I know you are wondering what I’m doing or thinking in this picture. Well this is what my mom called her action shot! We were in her front yard taking pictures and I felt like bugs were landing on my face! Ugh!!! Now on to the dress! I decided to experiment […]

DIY Maxi Dress + Pattern Review McCall’s 6559

Hello All! I am absolutely in love with McCall’s 6559! This pattern was a breeze to sew because I only had to cut two pieces on the fold. It only took me about 30 minutes to complete the entire project. I purchased this beautiful spandex fabric from Fine Fabrics in Norcross GA. I love a […]

Why LeJanarosNotions?

Hello All! Someone asked me why I chose the name LeJanarosNotions for my blog. Well my sister Tina actually gave me the name. I immediately thought about Nancy’s Notions and I said well I don’t want to sell sewing related products. Tina said no, the other definition of notions is an idea or opinion and […]

Mimi G Strapless Jumper

Hello All! I’m excited to share this DIY strapless jumper with you! I followed the Mimi G Strapless Jumper Tutorial to make this jumper. I adore Mimi G because all of her tutorials are easy to follow, beginner friendly, and her fashion sense is impeccable! In this tutorial Mimi G gives you step by step […]