Experimenting with Dresses!

Happy Friday! Ok so I know you are wondering what I’m doing or thinking in this picture. Well this is what my mom called her action shot! We were in her front yard taking pictures and I felt like bugs were landing on my face! Ugh!!! Now on to the dress! I decided to experiment one night and I made this dress using a self-drafted bodice piece. From the waist of the bodice piece, I started to cut at an angle so that the dress would flare out a little bit. The dress was longer but when I posted it on Instagram, I was instructed to show some leg! Oh I cut 2 pieces on the fold, added sleeves, and this beauty was done in less than 30 minutes! I absolutely love a quick and easy project. The fabric is an ITY knit from Fine Fabrics. The shoes are Jessica Simpson. I discovered these beauties at the Vince Camuto outlet a few years ago and I grabbed these shoes and 3 other pair for $105! Yes, that’s right 3 pairs of Jessica Simpson and 1 pair of Vince Camuto shoes for that amazing price! Can you say I love the end of the season sales at North Georgia Premium Outlets! I tried to link to everything but I could not find the exact shoes. I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! See you later!






6 comments on “Experimenting with Dresses!

  1. Nice my sew sister! Keep up the great work!

  2. A great dress and awesome heels; looking wonderful. 😉

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