How I store my fabric and patterns

I don’t have a dedicated sewing space because I live in an apartment. My living room and dining room houses my sewing machines and serger. I also have a desk next to my sofa with a sewing machine and another sewing machine on my dining room table. Oh I also have the home hobby table that has wheels and folds. Since my living room and dining room is spacious, this is not a problem for me.

PhotoGrid_1433179342749 PhotoGrid_1433179512290

The problem began when I started to buy fabric and patterns. At first I bought plastic Sterilite 18 gallon bins to hold my fabric but I couldn’t see my fabric and they were piling up in my dining room. Initially I didn’t think I would be using patterns because they were difficult for me to follow the instructions. I prefer to watch a video and sewing along with the person. Now that I am a bit more experienced, I have an extensive pattern collection as well. I had to come up with a plan because my living room and dining room was running over with machines, fabric, and patterns so I decided to invest in the Sterilite 3 drawer cart and move my fabric and patterns to my second bedroom. As soon as I removed the bins and organized my fabric in patterns in the 3 drawer cart, I felt a weigh lift off of my shoulders. I love the 3 drawer cart because I can see my fabric and I can stack my patterns in order. I would love to have a dedicated sewing space but for right now, I’m working with what I have. Check out the pictures below. See you later!



3 comments on “How I store my fabric and patterns

  1. so glad you said you didn’t get patterns at the start either. I got my first sewing machine a week ago, haven’t made anything yet but i have been looking and patterns really really confuse me.

    • I started out with the patterns that say easy or very easy on the envelop. Also there are a number of YouTube channels that walk you through patterns step by step

  2. Very nice setup, funny I’d prefer patterns over self drafting, but now that I’ve learned self drafting I’m a little more comfortable but still prefer patterns. At least for now.

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