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Time Management Part 1

Hello All!

I want to start a series called Tips according to LeJanarosNotions. I want to provide you all with tips on Tuesdays about different topics such as time management, organization tools, or any other topics that come to mind. You can also leave me suggestions in the comments about any topics you would like for me to discuss. The first topic I will be discussing is Time Management and to avoid super long posts, I will break it up into subtopics. Today’s topic is creating a schedule.

I will be the first to tell you that I am the biggest procrastinator on earth! I will wait until the last minute to complete a task and then stress out until it is finished. The excuse I use when it comes to procrastination is I work better under pressure. I am finally taking some steps to change and I enlisted my friend Shundae Augustine to help with this process. We had a working lunch (2 hours) and she went through every step with me. Let me just say she is awesome!!! The first step Shundae and I discussed is creating a schedule. So here we go!

  1. Write down all of the tasks you complete in a week.
    1. Work
    2. Cooking
    3. Exercise
    4. Etc.

Now when completing this step, make sure to include time to rest as well as hobbies. I love to sew; therefore I know I need to schedule this after priority items are completed. Remember no task is too small or irrelevant; they all should be on your list.

  1. Assign the specific amount of time it takes you to complete each task
    1. Work (8 hours)
    2. Cooking (1 hour)
  2. Break tasks down by days of the week
    1. Monday
      1. Work (8 hours)
      2. Cook (1 hour)
    2. Tuesday
      1. Exercise (30 min)
      2. Laundry (1 hour)

This step is critical! Some tasks you will perform everyday (work, shower, eating, etc.) others you may perform only once a week. Choose your days and tasks wisely!

  1. Grab your calendar and enter each task, block out allotted time, and the days of the week you are completing each specific task. Here is an example of one day on my calendar: (sorry for the blurry picture!)


Each week you will reevaluate your tasks, allotted times, and days of the week then make the necessary changes to optimize your time. You may consider this to be too time consuming but believe me, it will be worth it in the end. Happy scheduling!



One comment on “Time Management Part 1

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