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TBT Maxi Dress


Hello All! This is my first TBT post and I’m super excited about it. If you’ve read my New Beginnings!  I love sewing! or My first sewing project posts, you know I started sewing in June of 2014. I never thought my love for sewing would become so intense so fast! This was second project and I was amazed at how 8 rectangles could become a beautiful maxi dress. I followed the Mimi G Easy DIY Maxi Dress tutorial, the March 2014 collaboration for Michael Levine.

I used a Red Polyester Interlock Solid fabric from Hancock Fabrics, which I thought was a good idea at the time but I wouldn’t recommend using that type of fabric for this maxi dress. Some of the suggestions on the Michael Levine blog are light weight cottons, rayon blends, or challis. One thing I wasn’t prepared for was the price of fabric when I began sewing but over time I have found various sources for purchasing fabric thanks to my Sew Sisters on Facebook and Instagram.  I will link to some places at the end of this post.

Mimi G shows gives you very detailed instructions on taking your measurements, cutting the pieces and sewing them together for this beautiful maxi dress.

You take 3 measurements (I will use my measurements as an example)

  • Hip + 5 inches divided by 4 = 11.25
  • Belly button to floor +2 inches = 41.5
  • Shoulder to belly button + 2 inches = 18.5

For the bodice use the shoulder to belly button & hip measurements. For example:  11.25 (Width) by 18.5 (Length) – Cut 4

For the skirt use belly button to floor measurement for the length and the hip measurement for the width. For example: 11.25 (Width) by 41.5(Length)

For the flare add 6 inches to the waist measurement (11.25+6=17.25) at the bottom then connect the lines from the waist to the bottom at an angle.

Check out the Tutorial for step by step instructions on how to construct this maxi dress. In the meantime check out the pictures below. See you later!






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