#TBT Maxi Dress


Hello All! It’s throwback Thursday! This is a dress I made last year when I was a true beginner. During this time I was afraid to sew anything without my mother present but I pulled up YouTube and I found another awesome Mimi G tutorial. This tutorial was very easy to follow because Mimi G walks you through each step. There is one seam in the back, bias tape & elastic in the waist, and elastic around the bust area. The hardest part about this tutorial was sewing in the bias tape and keeping it straight around the waist. Overall I enjoyed the process and I made one is a stripped fabric as well. Oh I almost forgot, I purchased this fabric from Hancock Fabrics from the flat fold table. Check out the pictures below. See you later!


DSCN3005 (1)



5 comments on “#TBT Maxi Dress

  1. Love it girl! That is a very beautiful dress! : )

    • Thank you!

      • You’re very welcome! I would love to learn how to make clothing, however I am not very good with my hands. That is an awesome talent you have!

      • KO following tutorials helped me a lot. I made a pair of shorts in high school and it was an epic fail!

      • HAHAHA I think the same thing applies to hair tutorials. I learned how to braid from YouTube, but making clothes will probably take alot of practice 😦

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