Oh My Maxi!


Hello All! Happy Monday! So let me just say that I love everything Maxi! Maxi dresses, maxi shirts, if there were maxi pants I’m sure I would love them as well. Wait are there maxi pants or do we just call them palazzo pants? Any who… I’m only 5’2” but I love floor length maxi shirts because they give the illusion (in my mind) that I’m talker. The first maxi shirt that I made I followed the Mimi G Maxi Skirt tutorial on YouTube, where you take your length measurement and then your waist measurement multiply by 3 and divide by 4, cut 2 large panels, sew the sides, and add elastic to the waist. As time went on, I was trying to achieve the same look with less work so I laid some fabric out on my cutting table and began to brainstorm. Viola! Then it hit me! I took 1 yard of fabric folded it length wise with selvage edges meeting, I decided on the length, then sewed 1 seam down the back and added 1 inch elastic to my waist.  I am absolutely in love with the results! Check out the pictures below. See you later!

DSCN3013 DSCN3018 DSCN3015 DSCN3020 DSCN3016


2 comments on “Oh My Maxi!

  1. Cute, fast, and easy! Great job!

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