Baby Shower for Erin and Tobias!


Hello All! This weekend we celebrated Talyah Dior Wallace who will be making her debut into this world on September 25, 2015! Friends and family came together and gave Erin and Tobias a great baby shower and tons of gifts. I personally think my gift was the best, but God daddy Gerald showed out with the Eddie Bauer Alpine 3 Travel System.


The day started with everyone mingling with old and new friends. Then we began to enjoy the delicious food. On to the games…We were split into teams of mothers verses non-mothers (which I still believe the mothers had an unfair advantage, but I digress) and we played several games. The first trivia question was list items that a new born baby needs once they come home from the hospitals and the mothers listed Love as one of their items. The non-mothers thought that was mandatory…shows what we know! LOL! Congratulations to Michelle, the winner of the “Don’t say Baby” game! Look at all of those clothes pins.


Cake time while Erin patiently waited to open her gifts! Oh and I ate her piece because she couldn’t stand it!


Now on to the many, many, many gifts! Talyah is one blessed tater tot! (Sorry about the glare)

PhotoGrid_1439738979811 PhotoGrid_1439739096493 PhotoGrid_1439739253870 PhotoGrid_1439739331067 PhotoGrid_1439739382609 PhotoGrid_1439739444239

We ended the day by taking pictures with family and friends!



Congratulations Erin and Tobias!



4 comments on “Baby Shower for Erin and Tobias!

  1. Very fun post! Brought back memories.

  2. We had an awesome time! Photos and blog post are great. My favorite was the belly ribbon

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