Pinterest Inspired DIY Jumpsuit

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. This weekend went by extremely fast but I did get to spend some time with two ladies that I absolutely love! We try to get together at least once every two months and catch up. We had a wonderful time as always and I can’t wait to do it again!

I found this look on Pinterest back in June and I realized that I did not write a blog post! I’m not quite sure what I was thinking especially since it is one of the first times I created a look from inspiration without using a commercial pattern.


For the pants I used a pair of baggy slacks and traced a pattern. I learned this method using Mimi G’s Strapless Jumper tutorial. The top part of the jumpsuit was a little tricky. I took a ½ yard of fabric grabbed the two ends and draped it around my neck. Once I had the fabric pinned at the back of my neck, I measured the length of the top and cut it. I cut a rectangle for the back part of the shirt by measuring from one side of my back to the other making sure that it was the same length as the front piece. I sewed the sides of the shirt and added an elastic casing to the back. Finally I attached the top and bottom pieces together and added an elastic casing for the waist. Here is the final look. See you later!








2 comments on “Pinterest Inspired DIY Jumpsuit

  1. Great job! Very cute! Way to step out of that comfort zone of moving away from patterns. I’m not there yet! Lol!

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