DIY Refashioned Dress


This dress was really a labor of love. I started out sewing Vogue 8918 but I did not like the sleeves or the top part of the dress. The sleeves were puffy and the top of the dress felt like a bib. The overall dress was very easy to make but I did not like how the dress fit me.  I forgot to take a picture with the original dress on but here is a picture on Laila.


I put this dress in the closet for a few months and I pulled it out to think of how I wanted to change it. I removed the sleeves and put it aside again. My next thoughts were creating a halter top or add a drawstring around the neck area. Well I didn’t like those ideas once I slept on it! Finally I decided to do a tube top dress.  I am very pleased with the results! Check out the pictures below.







4 comments on “DIY Refashioned Dress

  1. Love it! Very cute!

  2. Very nice refashion. I made a dress using this pattern. I had similar issues with it. I ended up transforming it into a top and pencil skirt for my daughter, which she loved. Love what you’ve done with the dress and the fit is perfection.

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