Simplicity 1019 View B


Hello All! This has been a busy week and we are only half way thru! On Monday I had to finish writing the concept paper for my dissertation, Tuesday I had to work from 8am – 9pm (with breaks of course) and grade assignments. I’m starting classes again after being on a year and a half break. Of course I didn’t intend to be out that long but life happens and all that matters is I’m back! I will be documenting my journey to dissertation on my other blog My Doctoral Journey.

This is Simplicity 1019 view B and I absolutely love it! I’m not going to do a pattern review because I did not use the instructions. I followed the video tutorial by Mimi G that accompanies this pattern. Her tutorials are phenomenal because she walks you through each step and she also has a basics video if you are a beginner. Speaking from experience tops are generally easy to sew especially when the front and back are cut on the fold.

This is my first time sewing facings and I realized that they are not as difficult to understand as I thought. I did not understand the purpose of facings, especially if my fabric was stable enough on its own. The one step I will skip next time is interfacing the facing because it made the area too stiff and the neck line does not stretch. I realized that the facings were not interfaced in the video after I had already sewn them to the garment. I am still very pleased with the finished look.

I purchased this ponte knit from Fine Fabrics, my all-time favorite fabric store! It’s rare that I shop anywhere else for fabric because in my mind they are the Disney Land of fabric! The day I bought this fabric I was on a mission, I did not want to do the same color scheme as Mimi G. She has such an impeccable style but I wanted to do something outside the box. I was strolling through the ponte knit aisle and this fabric spoke to me! It said BUY ME, BUY ME I am perfect for the tunic! Ok that is an exaggeration but my sew sisters know exactly what I mean.

I paired this tunic with black leggings that I purchased from sears during the Christmas holidays. They were the clearance bin for $2.99! The shoes are Vince Camuto, they are very comfortable and I can wear them all day! Check out the pictures below. See you later!








8 comments on “Simplicity 1019 View B

  1. Very cute honey! Love the pattern print on the tunic. Congrats on your doctoral journey.

  2. Yes, honey!!! Great fabric choice! And I didn’t realize you were a Doctoral candidate AND working AND sewing! You’re a busy bee and looking good doing it!


  3. WOOWEE!! Look so fabulous. You did a great job by simply following along the tutorial. I cannot wait any longer to start on mine very soon LOL. I noticed in her tutorial though she was using the buttons on her shoulders. I personally never even sewn with buttons before. I’m afraid to try. I notice you didn’t use it on yours? Or am I not seeing it? Either way it looks great and thank you for sharing your finished look.

    • Thank you Janelle! I’m afraid of buttons as well, but one day I will sit down and do all of the things I have been putting off because of fear. I think you can also hand sew the buttons to the top also if you don’t want to sew button holes.

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