Vogue 9111


Hello All! It’s Friday! What are your plans for the weekend? I’m not sure what I’m getting into yet but I definitely want to get some sewing done. I want to sew something unique and I want to use techniques that I am not entirely comfortable with like waistbands, zippers, button holes, and pleated skirts. That sounds like a lot huh?! I have done waistbands with zippers but I always feel like something is off. I’ve also tried pleated skirts but they didn’t look right with my hips. I have yet to try a button hole….

This is Vogue 9111. Now if I was shopping for patterns and I ran across this one, I would have left it in the store! The pattern picture is not flattering at all, however Mimi G made it amazing! This is the August Michael Levine collaboration that she modified into a mini dress. You can wear this as a sexy dress (with or without tights) or add some leggings or jeans to wear it as a top.

This is a very easy project that you can get done in 2 hours. I love video tutorials because I am a visual person and Mimi G delivers every time! You can view the video here. I had to do some maneuvering with the sleeves because I was not able to lay the sleeve piece out and cut it in the traditional way. I had to cut 1 sleeve on the fold and then cut 2 pieces for the other sleeve. I was determined to use this sweater knit for this project!

20150905_200425 20150905_200443

If I decide to make this as a dress again, I will add a few inches to the hip area and make it about 2 inches longer. I’m shy! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and happy sewing!







10 comments on “Vogue 9111

  1. What size did you cut…I’m about your size and I’m going to make your suggested adjustments:) I love the dress on you:)

  2. It looks good! And I agree, I would have left that pattern in this store! That’s good to know about the hip area. On my last post where I made a dress from a top, I needed to add more to the hip area for next time.

  3. Love the fabric choice.

    The length looks good to me😉😋😋

  4. Very nice fit and love your choice of fabric. I attempted this pattern but with not so great results. I was an easy sew but I didn’t get the fit right. I cut a medium and now looking at your post, I probably should have cut a small and did a FBA. I get so focused on accommodating for my large bust that I often overlook everything else. Mine fit perfect in the bust area but was too large everywhere else.

    • Thank you! You can try to take it in at the areas it is too big.

      • I tried, I took it in a 1/4″ at a time then I ended up getting some puckering on the side which my daughter says it looks like it should be that way but then I messed something up on one of the sleeves while taking it in. The thread gets lost in the sweater knit and I ended up with a hole trying to rip the seams. It’s a lovely fabric if nothing else I will cut it off and wear as a sweater.

      • Oh ok I hope it works out. I usually will sew some fabric that I don’t care about messing up first if I don’t feel comfortable. However I knew exactly what I wanted for this one so I just went for it.

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