Simplicity 1429 Modified


I love it when I go to YouTube and I find videos that are easy to follow and the results are amazing! I was perusing the sewing DIYs and I found Needles and Fashion and I was hooked immediately. Jenese Johnson has amazing fashion sense and I love the way she is able to take a commercial pattern and “revamp it”! I found her DIY Simplicity 1429 Revamped video and I loved how she turned the wide leg pants view into some jazzy sweat pants. Jenese shows you step by step how she modified the pattern and also how to sew it together. You can check out her blog here.

Dilemma!!! I actually love the Simplicity 1429 wide legs pants options so I had a decision to make because in the video she modified the pattern pieces which would make it unusable for the wide leg option. Simplicity was on sale at the time, so I wrestled with buying a new pattern but then the light bulb went off. Duh! Just trace the original pattern onto pattern paper, that way your original pattern stays in tact!

I love the final results! I will definitely be making more of these for my wardrobe! Check out the pictures below.






2 comments on “Simplicity 1429 Modified

  1. Oh I’m going to do this one, thanks for the link! Those pants look great! I’m glad you traced it off, too!

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