Old Navy Sheer Shirt + Pixie Pants


Hello All! Sometimes my love for sewing overpowers my love for shopping. I’ve actually traded the mall for Fine Fabrics! Am I the only one that walks through the mall saying “I can make that!” There are times when I am drawn to a sale and this was one of those times.

I purchased this outfit from Old Navy. The shirt was on the clearance rack for $3 and the pants were on sale and I had $5 rewards so I paid a total of $18. I love the fit of these pixie pants, they are supposed to be crop pants but I am short so they come down to my ankle! The shirt is no longer available but you can find similar options here.

This is a very versatile outfit! You can wear it to work and then add some converse to switch it up for a more comfortable look. Check out the pictures below.







5 comments on “Old Navy Sheer Shirt + Pixie Pants

  1. Love those pants. I do the same thing–spotting clothes I like and saying I can make that!
    My Pinterest page is full of stuff I want to make. So many ideas, so little time.

  2. Now you know I love my Chucks….lol
    Will wear them with a ball gown when necessary…lol.
    Nice look.

  3. I love Old Navy’s pixie pants. I have a navy/white polka dot pair. They are comfy. And no you are not the only one. The only bad thing is I spend just as much in Fine Fabrics as I did in the mall.

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