Work Style

When it comes to finding an outfit to wear to work, I have a hard time. Not because I don’t have anything to wear, but because I wear the same clothes over and over again. I also do not like to wear skirts or dress to work, only pants. Now I know this sounds weird because I am a seamstress and I make a great deal of dresses and skirts….

At work I mostly stand because I’m either lecturing or I’m walking around the classroom making sure that my students are grasping the material. This is why I love slacks because I can wear my flat comfortable shoes. Not to say I can’t do that with dresses and skirts, I’m just more comfortable in pants.

So here is my typical work style…..


The shirt and the pants are from New York & Company. My shoes are from Aerosoles. I love NY&Co because their pants fit my waist and my hips. Typically if the pants fit my waist they are too tight on my hips and if they fit my hips the waist entirely too big! They also have petite and the best button down tops. I also love Aerosoles because their shoes are very comfortable and they provide the support I need for standing and walking for hours. I will link to all items or similar items below.

Pants (NY&C)  Shirt (NY&C)  Shoes (Aerosoles)

I will share more of my work style, incorporating pieces that I sew as well in the near future. See you later!




C360_2015-11-05-13-47-11-562 C360_2015-11-05-13-47-18-816


2 comments on “Work Style

  1. NY&C Is one of my favs for work style as well because I love the tall section! You can maximize your work style by adding accessories. Like tucking your shirt with a nice belt and a necklace or belting it untucked, or add a cardigan or blazer, etc. It’ll feel like a new outfit!

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